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Seeing with the Soul

Each hexagon on the necklace is shaped differently. The coarse gold surface without deliberate carving portrays the primeval and natural world. Symbolizing the precious soul within, the ruby surrounded by sparking diamonds, radiant gold and glowing moonstones orchestrates a magnificent art piece that is simply scintillating.



We may be imperfect as human beings, but our perceptions must remain perfect at all times. (Originally in Chinese)

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"
No. 96, Aphorisms

「 這個真相啊!跟我們所每天看到不一樣,我們看到的情況,我們看到人,並非他這個樣子;我們經過眼睛.經過我們那個成見,經過我們頭腦過濾的時候,看到東西不大真的。我們用靈魂看,我們集中的時候 ,我們就變成我們自己本人,那個靈魂自己看,那個時候才是看到真相。」

"The truth is not the same as what we see every day. The things we see and the people we see in this world are not true. What we see with physical eyes, with preconception, with our mind, is not very real. When we see with our soul, when we are concentrated, we become our real self. At that moment, it is the soul who sees. And it's the truth that is seen."

∼清海無上師以英文講於美國加州長堤耶誕禪五 1996年12月29日
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at 5-day Chrismas Retreat,
Long Beach, CA, U.S.A., Dec.29, 1996 (Orginally in English)
Video No.571, "The True Manifestation of A Living Master"

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