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Wisdom Eye

The ascending angle sparks a delightful mood; upon finding te Wisdom Eye, all becomes glorious heaven. The hollowed portion appears light and clear, it carries an air of nobility.


"There are two doors. One leads to the highest place within the Three Realms, which is called "Brahmadeva" in Buddhism. If this door is opened, you also will have some wisdom and blessed reward. The other door leads to endless worlds above the Three Realms. The 'wisdom-eye' I am talking about is the door which leads to the pure land above the Three Realms."


"One who practices the meditation of Quan Yin(Transcendental seeing and hearing) will have wisdom-eye and the Buddha-light will always be with him. If we practice more, we will see more the light of Buddha, and by and by become our own masters."

Extracted from "The Key of Instant Enlightening" Vol.1,Page 192
"The Mystery of Wisdom-eye"

Q: How do you develop the third-eye?

答: 你不需要開發它本來就在那。我們沒辦法開發這種非物質的東西了解嗎?「第三眼」只是一種描述其實根本沒有一個眼睛在這兒。為什麼會說第三眼的原因是我們用正常的兩隻眼睛能看到的事物非常有限不過如果我們有另一隻眼第三隻眼我們就能看到整個宇宙,所以才叫做第三眼。但是實際上靈魂不需要用眼睛看不需要用耳朵聽不需要任何感官察覺事情了解嗎?這才是最高真理最高等的知覺,不需要用任何肉體器官那是我們靈魂的力量我們內在無上師的力量衪能知道一切事情聽到一切的聲音,那就是我們所要找的因為我們就是那個力量那個全宇宙的無上師。你們能想像你們是多麼偉大了嗎?

A: You don't develop the third eye, it's already there. We can't develop what is not the material, you see? The third eye is just a way of speaking, there isn't an eye at all! It just means that normally we have two eyes and we see things in a limited vision, but if we have the other eye, the third eye, we can see things in the whole universe. That's why it's called the third eye. But actually the soul don't need eyes to see, don't need ears to hear, don't need any sensory apparatus to perceive things, understand? And that's the highest truth, that's the highest perception without havingto use any freshly instrument. That is our soul power, the supreme Master within us, which knows all things, hears all things in all ways, in everywhere, yes. That's what we have to find. Because we are that, we are the supreme Master of all the universe, can you imagine how great you are?

∼清海無上師以英文講於美國夏威夷檀香山 1993年3月28日
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at Hawaii, U.S.A
March 28,1993 (Originally in English)

Always Try To Remain Concentrated On The Wisdom Center


"In walking, sleeping, talking, sitting, and lying down, always try to remain concentrated on the wisdom center. In that way you'll speedily progress and you will feel that progress. The more you progress, the more encouraged you will feel and then the more you will practice. It's a pity that we already have the method and we don't use it. "

∼清海無上師以英文講於福爾摩沙西湖 1995年6月5日
Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hsihu, Formosa
June 5, 1995 (Originally In English)

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