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In the vast and endless ocean of life and death, a rescue boat is sighted with great relief; the long lost souls can finally reach the other shore safely!

With diamonds and black jet on gold, these exquisite art pieces were crafted with great skill by an imperial artisan.



To The Other Shore
(Black Jet Stone)



"This whole creation is called "The Liberation Boat", like the boat which take people
to the other side, like a perfect method of liberation, Like we teach people how to meditate and to find their own peace and liberation within this life. It's represent by the boat to take people to safety to the other side of the sea through the waves and typhoon. You will be reminded of your own greatness. You will be reminded of the liberation of heaven. That makes you more inspired to learn, to practice, to perfect yourself until you become the master of yourself. Then you will forget the trouble of this world. You will rise above all the trouble like the boat rise above the sea."

∼清海無上師講於法國巴黎國際珠寶展 1997年1月24日
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at Paris nternational Jewelry Exhibition
Jan.24, 1997, Video No.629, "The Meaning Behind Master's Art Creations"

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To The Other Shore
(Black Jet Stone)
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