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The pendant is designed in a shape of a child with happy and smiling face. This set is named as "God's Child". It reminds us of our true identity and greatness that we are God's children, part of God. We are not this physical body, and not the one that we thought in one's sufferings.
~ Supreme Master Ching Hai



God's Child


"Unless you become pure as a child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You remember? That is just a way of saying that we have to rely on God for everything. That is the only thing that can give us everything we want, really. We just naturally encounter something and it brings us joy and benefit. We don't even have to do any kind of work or exert any kind of effort. So this is the child that we should become -- not the irresponsible one, but the wise child. When we become so wise, we become so pure, because when we know everything, then there is nothing that we should know, forever will be."


"Don't forget the child inside you. It is always there, and whenever we call, he comes out. He peeps out. That is the God nature. That is the nature of purity. We shouldn't worry so much. We shouldn't calculate so much--"If we do this, what will we get in return?" A child doesn't do that. A child never worries about tomorrow."

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
September 13, 1997 (Originally In English)
Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"
No.89, "The Creative Source Of Our Real Being"


"God gives us children also to remind us to behave like a teacher. We have to perfect ourselves, because a child is waiting for you to help and guide him. God entrusts a child, a new soul in your hands, demanding you to take care of him, polish him, and create a prototype. So, don't complain about having children! They are your lessons to learn how to be a teacher."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"
No.98, Pearls of Wisdom

God's Child 
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