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金碗(Gold Rice Bowl)
中式金湯匙(Gold Soup Spoon)
金筷子(Gold Chopsticks)
小叉子(Gold Dessert Fork)
小湯匙(Gold Teaspoon)

天龍壺(Gold Tea Pot)
金咖啡杯組(Gold Coffee Cup & Saucer)
金茶杯組(Gold Tea Cup Set)
金湯碗(Gold Soup Bowl)
金盤子(Gold Plate)

茶食盤(Gold Dessert Plate)
西式湯匙(Gold Tablespoon)
金叉子(Gold Fork)
金刀子(Gold Knife)
水杯(Cold Cup)

This piece is exquisitely fashioned in gold and inlaid with glittering rubies, representing the splendor of the universe, the magnificence of heaven, the creativity of classical art, and the richness of the human world. This functional chopstick rest can also serve as an ideal paperweight, and is a perfect item for collection and display. It is a precious masterpiece of our time and a valuable choice for inclusion in your family heirloom collection, to be cherished by present and future generations alike.