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重 生
Born Anew

Wearing this set of Celestial Jewelry, one is always reminded to seek the stars and moon within. The gold surface is very archaic and naturally crude, creating a primitive appearance in reminiscence of the beginning of the universe. Large and small stars sparkle amongst different shades of coral; a subtle transformation seems to take place. In the style of the eighteenth century imperial jewelry, this exquisite work of art is indeed rare in the modern trend of jewelry design.



"The Kingdom of God is within us, but we have forgotten where to look for it. With the touch of the Master in spirit, our switchboard of the whole powerhouse will be pushed open, and light and glory will fill our being. We will be born anew, innocent and beloved by the whole universe."

∼選錄自清海無上師1993全球弘法專輯 第五冊100頁
Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai
1993 World Tour" Series V, page 106


"The greater the challenge, the greater our spiritual understanding and growth." (Originally in English)

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"
No. 42, Aphorisms

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