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Meditating Quan Yin

This set with Middle East style reminds us that we can purify our spirit and mind by Meditating Quan Yin. The necklace and the pendant can be used separately. The pendant also can be use as a brooch.

"The only means that can provide security is to obtain more inner protective power and wisdom through meditation." (Original in Chinese)

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"

"The best language is the language of the soul, the inner voice, the inner sound of heaven. That's why whenever we are tired of the world abuses, we are tired of endless struggle for survival. We are tired of mental fatigue, and we sit down, we do the Quan Yin for a while, we feel every being of the happiness that shuttle our inner soul. Sometimes we feel very restless, because of the physical disturbance, because of the polluted environment, because of the stressful thought, how say, occupation, profession. And then we do some...tuning in with the inner music, with the inner teaching of God, with the sound inside, we feel immediate peace and rest. "

"When we meditate, we are trying, or at least we are tuning to the power of love, to remind us to live in that love again, again and again.So we become more and more loving like we should do. Like in the Kingdom of God. Like the children. Otherwise we cannot have peace in this world, not even for a very short period of time. Not even in privacy. That's why we must always meditate, tune in back into our loving nature inside, and express it out again. That's why after initiation, if you meditate a lot, we feel life become smoother, more loving, more peaceful, we attract more kind of good loving atmosphere toward ourselves. "

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at Mexico,
May 23,1998 (Orginally in English)
Video No.627, "Language of the Soul


God's Child 
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Little Angel
Little Buddha
Maitreya Buddha 
Meditating Quan Yin 
Papa (Sun)
Mama (Moon)