S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series IV
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The design of this set displays a complete, radiant and free heart of Budhidharma.

"Buddha means an enlightened master. It comes from the Sanskrit root word "Bodhi" which means enlightened, an awakened person. Someone who has Bodhi is a Buddha, meaning someone who is enlightened, is an enlightened master. Why is it called "enlightened"? When you are enlightened you have light. You have light inside you, outside you and in the whole universe. All is your light. Your light is even so great that it shines outside, that even some people can see the light around you. Therefor you see Jesus, Buddha or the great saints all have the light around them, the halo around them. So this is what it means by being "enlightened".

"Samadhi means a trance, a deep rooted, bliss within yourself. When you are in the real samadhi it offers you wisdom and bliss. When you are out of samadhi you'll give this bliss and wisdom to the world, to whoever needs you or comes near to you."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"
No.17, Page 19


God's Child 
E. T.
Little Angel
Little Buddha
Maitreya Buddha 
Meditating Quan Yin 
Papa (Sun)
Mama (Moon)