S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series IV
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Little Buddha

With such a lovely style, this set of jewelry looks like a pure and innocent Little Buddha silently spreading love to everyone.


"The best, the purest motive, will attract all the goodness in the universe, all the purest things, and more than we can ask for." (Originally in English)

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News"

"People with pure hearts can attain ultimate enlightenment. The most important thing is to have a pure heart without discriminating between suffering and happiness. Do you know what the Zen Master meant by this? For those who discriminate this is very difficult to understand. What he meant was that for those who are pure and contented without discrimination it is easier to attain Tao. Lao Tze also said that we ought to rejuvenate and become children so that we can attain ultimate enlightenment. Jesus Christ also mentioned, “except you become a child, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Buddhism and Taoism says the same thing, so does Bible and Islam. Islam teaches its followers that never judge other people. Whatever one is is what God wants him or her to be. That is to say we should become childlike and never judge other people."

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai, PingTong, Formosa
December, 1988


God's Child 
E. T.
Little Angel
Little Buddha
Maitreya Buddha 
Meditating Quan Yin 
Papa (Sun)
Mama (Moon)