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山 河

Mountains And Rivers

It's steady like the earth sustaining mountains and rivers. Mountains represent the supporting pillars of the universe, while rivers flow through them, replenishing and nourishing all life.


"In the old ways, we had respect for Mother Earth; we listened to her. We did prayers and ceremonies and asked her if we could take something from her. When we needed water from her stream we asked first and then prayed our thanks. We treated her with great love and respect because she is our mother and from her all comes to us. "

~Spoken By Grandpa Agapito Conche - spiritual leader
of the Tao Pueblo people and father of Thomas One Wolf
at the World Vision Conference


"Our planet is a very beautiful, 'spaceship'. We can say 'spaceship'. It carries many sentient beings in mid air and circles around. Our planet gives us a lot of comfort and joy. It gives us a lot of treasures, and sustains our lives through many ways and means. But then we also have a little duty towards our Mother Earth, to help her to remain in such a powerful position so that she may be able to help us."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Columbia University, N.Y., U.S.A.
Nov. 3, 1989 (Originally In English)


Mountains And Rivers