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The diamond set in the center of the heart-shaped pendant represents the Wish-fulfilling Muni Pearl. When we find our wish-fulfilling pearl of wisdom inside, its infinite light makes everything possible. The delicate pendant is designed to be opened and a photograph may be placed inside.


Wish-Fulfilling Muni-Pearl



"Perhaps we can say there is a little invisible button inside ourselves that has to be pushed at the time of initiation, as per request. And then everything will be opened, just like "open sesame." In the olden days, people used different parables to describe the opening of the inner eye, the wisdom eye. They called it the rediscovery of the wish-fulfilling gem, or opening the gate to Heaven, or the key to Heaven, etc."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai
1993 World Tour", Series V, page 41


"Muni pearl and wish-fulfilling gem signifies our Buddha nature. The time that we attain muni pearl is when we are enlightened. The phrase, "when the flower blossoms, one shall see Buddha." means attaining muni pearl. And why does Buddha nature relate to muni pearl? Because after reclaiming Buddha nature, like a wish-fulfilling gem, we can get Whatever we want and become whatever we want to be. Whatever we wish will be fulfilled immediately. Even before we think of it, it is already there. Therefore, it is called muni pearl. Muni pearl is a Sanskrit name, in Chinese called wish-fulfilling gem. If we attain muni pearl, we will have everything."

Extracted from "The Key of Immediate Enlightenment" Vol.I

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Wish-Fulfilling Muni-Pearl