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The Ocean of Love

Similar to the necklace, this beautiful bracelet has interconnected gold rings. It has two tassel-like segments dangling down, with a small droplet attached to each end. The waves on the gold rings represent the sea of suffering, while the heart-shaped droplet symbolizes the ocean of love that engulfs everything and absorbs all misery.


"The most important in this world, regardless whatever our mission, is love one another, love each other."


"True love is that he or she would not feel our existence; that we do not try to get nearer to him to squeeze his space and that we do not make him feel being bound. The closer he comes to us, more comfortable he feels."

∼清海無上師 Supreme Master Ching Hai

愛 之 海
The Ocean of Love


我乃愛之海 等你接近
我是生命之河 等你沐浴
在你生命 我比陽光更重要
請過來歇一歇 嘗嘗解脫滋味

I Am the Ocean of Love, come to Me,
I Am the River of Life, bathe in Me,
I Am more to you, than the sunshine,
I Am above space and time !
Rest in My bosom,
Then you will know freedom.
Rest in My loving arms,
Then you will be far from harm.
You will then realize,

I Am everything that you have ever desired,
I Am everything that you have ever desired.

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