S. M. Celestial Jewelry Series III
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The Hidden Force

Crescent shaped, an array of rainbow colors sparkle from the blue opals. The design is simple with the most unique feature being the irregularly shaped finest-quality gemstones. Different hues aglow when observed from different angles, the rich opalescence exudes an esoteric touch of ancient Egypt. Reminding us that although the vastness of space and time may have separated us, the power of love hidden deep within is always there, never severed.


"The more we meditate, the more we communicate with our inner selves, the more we contemplate the light and the sound, the more lighthearted and energetic we will be to help others." (Originally In Chinese)

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No. 88, Aphorisms

"All questions will solve themselves when we meditate more and go within. As soon as you go within, you concentrate within yourself, focus yourself, then everything goes easier. And we understand everything so clearly. Everything we do is quicker, smoother and more natural. That's the way we teach ourselves and that's the way the master teaches us from inside. If we are stable inside, everything outside is easy. "

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No. 95, Pearls of Wisdom


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To the Other Shore
(Black Jet Stone)
To the Other Shore (Turquoise)
Wisdom Eye
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