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「寰宇家族」(Global Family)胸針中央是典雅的S.M.標誌,周圍環繞著不同顏色寶石鑲成的愛心,分別象徵各色人種、大自然和動植物,所有的眾生都是寰宇大家族的成員,大家心心相連,凝聚成一個靈性共同體,無分你我,一起在上帝的榮光中成長茁壯。

The classic S.M. logo adorns the Global Family brooch encircled by heart-shaped gemstones of kaleidoscopic colors representing people of different races, the animal and plant kingdoms and the elements of the natural world. The design signifies that all beings are members of a single global family who are connected heart-to-heart and united as One, in spirit without discrimination, as they live and grow in God’s glory!