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Since ancient time, royal families of all dynasties and kindoms have always amazed the world with their rich collection of precious jewels. To present the real royal magnificence of the heavenly kingdom, the Supreme Master Ching Hai designed the eighth generation of Celestial Jewelry, which features the one and only jewelry set---the Real Royalty.

Densely inlaid with a large number of diamonds and rubies, the Real Royalth overwhelms the admiring eyes with its powerful radiance, and shines brilliantly upon the hearts of all beauty lovers and truth seekers.



"The kingdom of God means this Supreme power within us. And we have connection with it, that's why it is said "God made men in His own image. Image,it doesn't mean our profile, our body, or our way of life. It is the image of the invisible, universal power that we are made of."

∼清海無上師以英文講於美國夏威夷檀香山 1993年3月28日
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at Hawaii, U.S.A
March 28,1993 (Originally in English)