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Time(Gold Watches)


"Time is running out! We must be really sincere in our spiritual practice! You can see that the climate is constantly changing, and people are coming and going; no one can exist forever. " (Originally In Chinese)


"Whatever you have to do, do it well. Devote yourself entirely to the work so you don't waste time."

「我們不應該讓任何的情況阻擋我們的工作和我們的主意,這樣我們在世界短暫的時間裡,生活會過得很有意思,我們可以創造出很多計畫。」 (原文為中文)

"We should not let any situation obstruct our work or our decisions. Therefore, in this world we can live meaningfully in such a short period of time and create many plans. " (Originally In Chinese)

「有時候戰爭、災難,或是什麼悲傷的情況,也有它良藥苦口的作用,讓我們能夠暸解,來這裡真正要做一些什麼。要做的話快做,不然等一下就沒時間。」 (原文為中文)

"Wars, disasters or whatever sad circumstances also sometimes have their use as a bitter but effective medicine. Through them we come to understand what we really want to achieve in coming here. If we have to do it, then do it quickly. Otherwise, there will be no time left. " (Originally In Chinese)

「任何不好的習慣要盡量砍掉;任何你覺得對你好的,比較理想、高貴的,要盡力去實現----盡你的能力、你的時間、你的誠心和努力,去實踐它。」 (原文為英文)
"Whatever undesirable habits, you try to cut down; and whatever you think it's good for you -- more ideal, more noble -- then you try to fulfill in your capacity, in your time, in your own sincerity and endeavor. " (Originally In English)

"We can accomplish more when we are running short of time. The more we try to solve our problems, the faster our reactions well become; our inner all-powerful wisdom will emerge."


"Making just enough money for ourselves is good enough. We should save time for meditation practice."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai

True Love ( 1 ) Diamond
True Love ( 2 ) Emerald
True Love ( 3 ) Moonstone
True Love ( 4 ) Blue Sapphire
Time(Gold Watches)