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True Love(4) Blue Sapphire

Made of gold and embellished with sapphires, this collection includes a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring. Stringing together the conservative yet elegant sapphires and gold hearts with alternating satin and glossy finish, it reveals diversity within a simple design. With numerous hearts extending toward all directions, True Love permeates into the whole universe.


The Introduction of the Material:

Sapphire is also called the wisdom jam. The wearer of it can remind himself to always communicate with his inside unervisal all-knowing wisdom.


"A true love is to warn and to help people to be enlightened and stay away from wrong things. It is not to protect them from the bad consequences of their actions."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No.18 Aphorisms


"Being spiritual practitioners, we must aspire to seek great wisdom; we must be able to do, understand, and realize everything. However, there is a higher level or superior quality called "love". We will dry and shrivel up if we only have wisdom but no love." (Originally In Chinese)"

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No.92 Aphorisms

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True Love ( 4 ) Blue Sapphire
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