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True Love(2) Emerald

Made of gold and accentuated with a large emerald, the necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring are simple in design yet elegant in style. The smooth, fluid lines reflect the clear-cut, no-nosense nature of the contemporary people.


The Introduction of the Material:

Emerald is a birthstone for May. With intense green color signifies happiness. Emerald is fairly hard and brittle in jewelry. This is why emerald often has flaws, which is reputed to be desirable. This is also the reason why one has to be extra-careful, while dealing with emeralds. The finest emeralds are considered to be intense green and transparent with less flaw.


"Master is Wisdom, Love and Power. You cannot use space to keep Her away and you cannot use any distance to be separated from Her."

Extracted from "The Supreme Master Ching Hai News" No.23 Aphorisms

「你將永遠渴望 那遙遠的愛 那你自己的愛
及你所渴慕 我上主之愛
尋找真愛 只有來我這裡
等你人生旅途結束 我會對你招手
帶給你我的愛 我的光
帶給你我的愛 帶給你真正的愛」

"You will forever search for the Love in yonder, the Love in yourself,
the Love in My Lore that you so adore,
The True Love you'll find only by My side.
When your journey ends, I'll send you My Sign.
I'll send you My Love. I'll send you My Light.
I'll send you True Love. I'll send You True Light.

∼清海無上師 Suprmem Master Ching Hai

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