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"Two hearts, two people when they understand each other physically, mentally, and spiritually, they become one. Just like we become one with God when we attain perfect enlightenment."

Make a Habit of Love

∼清海無上師 Supreme Master Ching Hai


"So make a habit of always extending your loving kindness, doesn't matter how people treat you. Never forget your loving kindness inside. And whatever way you can, and whenever possible, always extend this loving kindness from inside, because that is you, that's the real you, the unlimited love which is Godly. Because of the situation of the world, because of the hardships of life, of the trials and tribulations that we encounter daily, we tend to withdraw withing ourselves and shield the love that we once had in abundance and lock it away somewhere. From today, from the day of initiation, from any day, we must open that lock and let the love free. That is the only solution, unlocking the love withing you and let everyone share it."

胸針 (ZHT01-Brooch)

耳環 (EHT01-Earrings)

領帶夾(THT01-Tie Clip)
戒指 (RHT01-Ring)

戒指 (RHT02-Ring)

戒指 (RHT03-Ring)

戒指 (RHT04-Ring)

戒指 (RHT05-Ring)
戒指 (RHT06-Ring)

戒指 (RHT07-Ring)